Kristie's Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing at home hospice and palliative care, emotional support, assistance for essential needs, and cherished moments to critically ill children and their families.  Our focus is on end-of-life care for children and support for the family that loves them!

Kristie's Foundation is a leader in a nationwide movement to improve pediatric end-of-life care.

​With dedicated and compassionate staff, volunteers and parents who have experienced loss, Kristie's Foundation understands the special needs of these families and provides a safe haven for families who often feel desperate and alone in their child's final days. 



About Us

"Kristie's Foundation has made this nightmare somewhat bearable.  To have someone care and lend a hand is a tremendous relief from burdens and struggles which we feel we may never overcome.  Know that your Foundation has made a big difference in our lives."

Kathleen, bereaved mom

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"Kristie's Foundation staff are true angels!  The care and love we received while our Stevie was alive was such a gift to our family.  We will never be able to thank you enough."

Tom & Linda, bereaved parents

"Kristie's Foundation kept my sweet Jaelyn smiling amidst her struggle and pain.  We found solace through Kristie's loving compassionate care and tremendous dedication."

Ana, bereaved mom

Our History

Kristie's Foundation was founded in 2003 by Laurie Kotas.  Laurie's inspiration is her daughter Kristie who passed away from Leukemia at the young age of seven.  It was Kristie's love of life and devastating end-of-life experience that inspires Laurie to reach out to other families going through one of the most difficult human experiences, the loss of a child. Laurie has been at the forefront of children's hospice, speaking to congress numerous times, and advocating nationwide to bring hospice care to children, 

With passion and dedication, Laurie has dedicated her life to ensure that families receive all the support and assistance they need and that children live life to the fullest, receive adequate end-of-life care and find comfort in their final days.