Joshua's Story

On October 16th, 2009, our precious triplet boys were born. As you can imagine, we were so excited they arrived safe and we looked forward to having our baby boys at home with us. Unfortunately, within the first few weeks, months of birth Joshua was diagnosed with multiple severe disabilities. Many doctors from multiple hospitals including CHOC, UCLA and Cedars were never able to diagnose the underlying cause. There were more than 30 hospital admissions, 15 doctor specialists, multiple procedures/surgeries, MRI’s, and 911 calls and 4 challenging but memorable years of fighting to give Joshua the BEST life possible. On our last hospital stay due to complications to pneumonia, we were faced with our worst nightmare, Joshua came home to live out his final months, weeks, days and hours on hospice care, with his sweet brothers, and adoring, loving family. His awesome smile and sweet disposition shined in the toughest of times and will always remind us to be kind to others because you never know what battle they are fighting.

One day, we had a special visit from Laurie Kotas, the founder and bereaved mom with Kristies Foundation. She has a sweet soul and a big mission. She was their to help us make memories and help make this transition easier. Kristies Foundation provided a support system for us in our time of need. Laurie having gone through losing her daughter, Kristie to leukemia at the young age of 7, gave us a sense that we were not alone. Laurie helped us with the mortuary arrangements and with other families that have suffered similar losses of their child.

For this reason, this foundation is dear to us and very special. Thank you for hearing our story and showing your love and support for our favorite charity! 

Letters from Families

To everyone at Kristies,
We think of you often.  You did so much for Joey and for our whole family and I can not begin to tell you the difference it made.  I wanted you to know how much you all mean to our family. 
Joey is 9 now. He's considered "as close to cured as can be for histio" meaning they consider him in the clear and highly unlikely to relapse.  He runs (they said he never would). His lungs healed (they said he would need a lung transplant... he doesn't). He's going into 3rd grade and wants to be so many things. And he talks about "the really nice people at Kristie's" all the time. He remembers you.  More than anything else he can remember from his time in treatment, he remembers YOU!   He remembers the people who came to play with him so I could feel safe taking a break.  He remembers the boat parade and watching all the boats.  He remembers the park events.  He remembers the holidays that you made so special.  Thank you to everyone at Kristie's.  We will always remember all of you!